Confidentiality breach : how to react ?

The access to confidential information of a company by unauthorized persons – whether due to fraudulent or negligent behaviour of staff, or because of external attacks, is an issue that may be relevant for any business, as shown by recent data leakages such as the Snowden and Luxleaks incidents or data losses by Target or PlayStation. This seminar, taking place on Thursday 22 January, will outline the main existing and future legal obligations to protect confidential data (including data protection and professional secrecy obligations) as well as the steps to be taken in case a breach occurs.

Questions that will be addressed include the following:

  • Does the victim of the confidentiality breach have to inform authorities?
  • What possibilities exist in case the breach was caused by an employee?

Henri Wagner and Thomas Berger will address the banking regulatory questions, Catherine Di Lorenzo will handle the data protection and IT security aspects and Gilles Dall’Agnol will elaborate on the employment law questions linked to data breaches.

The seminar will be conducted in English. Breafkast will be served.

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