The Internet of Things

A fridge that sends your grocery list to the shop, a watch that collects data on your health and sends it to your doctor, or a Smart TV on which you can buy movies are just a few examples of objects that are connected to the world wide web. All these objects collect, store and send data via the internet. This can be data that you deliberately provided (e.g. your payment information to buy a movie), or which is collected “behind the scenes”, e.g. data on your consumer habits which can be very valuable to the recipient of the data. Obviously, the Internet of Things raises many legal questions, notably the question regarding the protection of personal data.

The seminar was intended to give an overview of the legal challenges that the Internet of Things creates, and mainly focused on the data protection related aspects of this “new” trend.

Introduction by:

  • Katia Manhaeve, Partner


  • Catherine Di Lorenzo, Senior Associate


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