Automatic Exchange of information and Banking secrecy – Summary of recent developments

Banking secrecy has been a staple of the Luxembourg financial sector for decades. In recent years, political pressure and interest have increasingly focused on the need for enhanced international co-operation and transparency in tax and banking matters. During this seminar, we will give you an overview of current trends in Luxembourg banking secrecy in relation to various topics including international cooperation in the field of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Among these recent trends, co-operation between tax administrations and transmission of information play a central role and will give rise to new challenges for taxpayers and their advisors. We will provide an update on the global standard of the automatic exchange of tax information (as developed by the OECD) as well as on the amendments to the EU Directive on mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation, sharing our views on the implications for Luxembourg.

Julie Chartrain-Hecklen will focus on the automatic exchange of information; Jean Schaffner will address the context of this exchange at the OECD level and Henri Wagner and Clémence Igot will elaborate on banking secrecy.


  • Henri Wagner, Managing Partner
  • Jean Schaffner, Tax Partner
  • Julie Chartrain-Hecklen, Tax Senior Associate
  • Clémence Igot, Banking Junior Associate

The seminar will be conducted in English. Breafkast will be served.

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