1. Are Allen & Overy events subject to a fee?

All of our seminars and events are free.

2. There is an error message when I try to register using the form.

This may occur if you have entered your details using copy and paste. Please re-enter and press submit.

3. Why should I register for the website?

If you register on our website, you can create your own profile.

Here are the benefits:

  • If you register for an event when logged in, there is no need for you to enter your contact details – these are automatically added by the system.
  • You are presented with an overview of all the events that you have registered for.
  • You can subscribe to a regular newsletter.
  • You can give details of your main interests, enabling Allen & Overy to provide you with relevant information.

4. I have some general questions regarding a specific event.

Please contact the following person with any questions concerning our events:

Alina Golovkova, our Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Tel: +352 44 44 55 234


5.  I would like regular updates on your latest events – what can I do?

You can register on our events website in order to receive a regular overview of our new events. Go to the section marked “My Newsletter” and select “Yes”.

If you have any queries, please contact Alina Golovkova on +352 444455 234 or via email.


Directions to our venue and parking facilities.

Allen & Overy worldwide

In the United Kingdom : www.allenovery.com
In Germany : www.allenovery-event.de